Portfolio 3

  • Bobtail wheat crop 2016

    Bobtail wheat crop 2016

    Bobtail is a soft white winter wheat. It is semi-dwarf in height, awnletted and has moderate resistance to strawbreaker foot…

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  • Meadowfoam crop 2016

    Meadowfoam crop 2016

    Meadowfoam is one of our rotation crops, and makes great food for bees.

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  • 2016 Harvest

    2016 Harvest

    View our 2016 Harvest video here!

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  • Seed Cleaner

    Seed Cleaner

    Aerial photo courtesy of Sky Studios, Curtis Byers. This photo was taken in late spring.

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  • Run for the Hills

    Run for the Hills

    We had a great turnout of participants from Ioka Farms for a fundraising event hosted by Victor Point School. The…

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  • Certified Seed

    Certified Seed

    The blue tags notate that these bags of seed are recognized as being produced as certified seed. The recognized classes of…

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