We bale ryegrass, tall fescue, oats, hard fescue, and a small amount of chewings and creeping fescue straw. We also custom bale for other growers throughout the area. Very shortly after the bales are on the ground they are loaded onto a truck and stored in our sheds until the straw press is ready to take it. Most baling operations stack their bales in the field for a period of time, leaving them at risk of being rained on. Our method of directly loading on the truck and getting them stored inside right away insures that our bales will be of the highest quality for the end user.

The majority of our straw is pressed into smaller packages and sold to overseas customers, mainly in Japan and Korea. It is used primarily as a feed source for beef cattle. Careful testing and inspection must be done on each lot of straw before it is shipped. Endophyte levels must be tested so the end user can properly ration the amount of straw they are feeding.

Fine fescue straw that is baled is not exported due to its lower protein content and lack of palatability. Our small amount of fine fescue straw that gets baled usually makes good bedding for dairy cattle or gets sent to Eastern Oregon ranches as a grazing supplement.

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